Email for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Click on the link below for email service:

For Faculty, Staff and Students

Students (only) can manage their passwords at the self-service
A more feature rich interface is available using Internet Explorer as your browser, but if you are accessing this server from a dialup connection, you might want to choose the basic client or use another browser for faster page loading.

Anti-spam Quarantine

You will get a security warning about the certificate, but it is safe to trust it. Login with your email username and password.

If you just click on the Search button, you will get a list of all the spam you have received in the last 14 days. If you find emails that are not spam, just check the box next to it and select the Release or Release and Add to Safelist. You do not have to delete items that are truly spam. Under Options (upper right corner) you can access the Safelist and Blocklist directly. Warning: the system is quite good at finding spam: If you are not sure, just leave it alone or delete.